5 Tips to Boost Your Web Hosting Business

With the way today’s hosting industry is running, it can be tough to be able to generate sales on a daily basis. For the big boys in the web hosting business, generating sales is not an issue, as they have tons of affiliates working for them. However, for a smaller yet diversified hosting company, it really isn’t that easy to be able to target and attract visitors to your hosting services. In order to fully succeed in the web hosting business, you need to understand what people are looking for and where they look for it. There are tons of marketing strategies that would help you in targeting a specific group of people, who’d be interested in getting hosting services.

The profit margin with web hosting is actually larger than you may think, but the issue is being able to make sales to generate profit. With the amount of competition you face, it’s close to impossible to make sales without any effort. You have to invest to make some revenue on your investment and this very much applies to the web hosting industry.

Tip #1: Provide a niche specific product or service that you want to sell. What we mean by this is; do you want to sell shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting or others? By putting all these services on the menu, you will have a hard time getting new customers as everyone is looking for something specific. If you insist on selling more than one service, you need to know how to target certain groups of people. Companies with high traffic sites are more interested in virtual private servers or dedicated servers as opposed to shared hosting.

Tip #2: When you do launch a new type of hosting service, you need to be ready to spend money to promote it. Without letting others know of your services, you will not be able to make any money. Advertising and promotion will cost you money and it does not come cheap. If you do come across cheap advertising offers, consider the target group and see whether you would really benefit from it. In terms of web hosting offers, it’s best to approach high traffic webmaster related sites. There is a better ROI when you select proper mediums to advertise on.

Tip #3: Keep prices at a competitive level and make sure to offer special perks for customers. A very nice addition I used to offer at my hosting company was; I would not charge the client for the month in which their birthday falls in. Customers loved this concept and they recommended that other hosts should do this as well. Talk to other webmaster service companies and bundle up a promotional deal with them so that you can offer it to your clients.

Tip #4: Based on the number of sales you are generating, you can begin an affiliate program. It does not have to offer a large amount per sign up, as you can easily start small. Web hosting affiliates are always looking for new hosting plans to market, and if you are serious enough, it could work out for you. Even if you have one affiliate promoting your product, it would work in your favor. Your business is getting out there without you have to spend money on promotion.

Tip #5: Some new web hosting companies don’t realize the importance of customer support and they avoid having 24/7 support. If you are managing an online web hosting company, being able to provide support around the clock is a big part of your services. If you haven’t already, you should think about hiring at least two to three staff members to manage client support.

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