5 Tips To Starting Your Own Reseller Hosting Business

Reseller hosting can be a lucrative business if you are willing to invest some time and money on the front end to develop a system and framework that will allow you to make recurring income over potentially years to come. In this article I will share five quick tips that have helped me earn a good bit of supplemental income by providing reseller hosting services to clients.

#1: Choose The Right Hosting Provider.

Reseller hosting is a great side business because you don’t actually have to invest all the capital up front and develop the technological infrastructure that would have to be done by a hosting company. You’re simply purchasing a sizable amount of server space and bandwidth from a larger hosting provider and then allotting those resources to your clients at a monthly cost. Your reseller hosting headaches will be endless, however, if you choose a company with poor uptime, dismal server loads, or painful customer support. Do some research early on to find out what you’re really paying for, and look into what other reseller hosting clients have to say.

#2: Be Patient And Get a Great Deal.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost guaranteed to be filled with deals from reseller hosting providers. You may be lucky enough to find a deal up to 80% off when you’re first getting started.  Unless you need to get off the ground right away, you can usually get a fantastic deal and minimize the initial start-up costs by taking advantage of sales and promotions going on with specific hosting sites. In this economy, you can expect discounts to occur on a regular basis so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

#3: Develop Custom Branding.

Take advantage of the ability to brand your control panels and client dashboards as your own.  Upload your logo, create custom skins, and get your reseller hosting brand out there as much as possible. Clients want to host with you because of the relationship – they know they can trust you. So build on that trust by displaying your identity wherever your reseller hosting service provider will allow you to do so.

#4: Specialize In Something.

You might be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, but odds are pretty high that you will have more success if you specialize in one type of hosting. Maybe you’re a WordPress wizard – so develop a great WordPress hosting package for your customers.  our customer support will be better, you will be more focused, and your reseller hosting business will only benefited from this. You can still host other types of hosting here and there, but you’re better off focusing on doing one thing really well (think niche).

#5: Back Up Regularly.

Early on in the reseller hosting business you are bound to make some mistakes. Minimize the damage by consistently backing up what you have on your server so that you can quickly restore any sites you might break. You could do this manually, work with your reseller hosting provider, or use a third party system, but find some way to minimize risk for your clients.

These five tips will help you get your reseller hosting venture up and running. Also, remember to not be afraid of selling aggressively. Your service is worth paying for, and don’t be afraid to price based on the value. Customers are willing to pay fair prices, but they want to ensure they are getting value in return.  Prove that your service is valuable and you will go places.

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