Five of The Best Techniques to Build Your Hosting Client Base

The most important aspect of starting a new web hosting company is to get a client base quickly established so you’re earning a regular income to support the running of the business. Gaining new clients isn’t easy and you will be losing a lot of money providing free accounts for potential clients to test.

  1. Get involved and communicate with your potential clients – If you run a small forum or if you’re advertising on one then get involved with the community and let them see you’re always around and willing to help. Show your friendly side and provide help and some free resources to benefit the community.
  2. Offer a free monthly prize draw – If you have the money available then it’s a good idea to offer cash prizes to potential clients for entering your small competitions. Eventually you will have a lot of visitors entering these competitions and they often turn into paying clients.
  3. Provide a free hosting promotion for new clients – Potential clients don’t often pay for a full year’s worth of hosting unless they’re completely satisfied they are in good hands – providing a free account for 3 months is a good way to build trust and start a good relationship.
  4. Pay your current clients to refer new ones – Give your current clients something to sing and dance about, if they’re getting money off their hosting service for simply referring you to their friends and family they won’t have any problems doing so! Offer a good commission and pay the people who are already happy with your services to get your brand out there.
  5. Give free resources and provide unique features – One of the best ways to gain new clients is to offer free web master resources and provide unique features none of the other hosting companies have available. If you have a specific feature a client will benefit from they will have no choice but to purchase their hosting services from you.

You might often find some of the above promotional techniques might be a lot more cost effective than paying for PPC campaigns as you’ll be in complete control of the promotions you offer.

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