Client Support – How Important is it in Web Hosting?

Any company that is providing a service to the public should have some level of customer support to help with issues. If you look at local cable services or telephone services, these companies offer a great deal of support over the phone and through live chat. Phone support is by far one of the best mediums to have solutions through, as you get to speak to someone who you can communicate your problem to. In terms of web hosting companies, clients will need support with issues related to billing, sales and servers issues. Being able to cover all your services through customer support is crucial for the success of your web hosting business. One of the factors people are required to vote on when reviewing a web host is the level of customer support.

Support Channels: How is support service provided to clients? Are they through the phone, email or live chat? Email support is considered to be a slower medium of communication, but it could still work just as well. In the end, it all comes down to whether you have dedicated support staff. Support staff for your hosting company could work from home, as all they need is an Internet connection. Many hosting companies offer support around the clock and it is due to the fact that staff members live in various parts of the world.

Staff Knowledge: Are your support staff members knowledgeable about the products and services you sell? Do they have a good understanding of how the web hosting industry works? These are all questions you need to consider when hiring support staff. A client who needs help with something would call support to get it resolved. If your support staff members cannot help the client, it really puts your company in a bad position. Hosting companies such as InMotion Hosting, offer an on-going training session for their support staff, as it keeps them up to date on the latest occurrences.

Support Forum: A great way to kick start your businesses support area could be to start a forum. The forum should have staff members looking over new threads. With both clients and support staff helping out in the community, it will surely build a strong community within your business. This could greatly help with developing your business as well. When a potential client see’s an active support forum, they would be very much motivated to become a client. The support forum will have tons of questions from clients and this would stay on the database forever. If a new customer has a question, he/she would be able to find the answer right on the forum.

As you can see, offering a client portal for support is crucial in any web hosting business. Begin with a toll-free number and have dedicated staff members answer the calls. If you notice an increase in sales and technical support calls, you may want to consider increasing the number of staff on call.

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