How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Company With Minimal Investment?

Have you ever thought about starting your own web hosting business, but have been reluctant to do so after taking into consideration the cost associate with setting up a web hosting business? Hosting companies spend millions of dollars setting up data centers and equipping those data centers with state of the art servers. Not only this, millions are spent every year for the upkeep of those systems and for paying the salaries of the support personnel.

For several years, the web hosting business has been confined to those corporations or companies which have the ability to invest these large sums of money. But not anymore. These days you can open your own web hosting company without investing a large amount of money. This has been possible due to the emergence of reseller web hosting plans. A reseller web hosting plan is a hosting solution wherein you have the right to resell the server resources which you have leased from a hosting provider.

This means that you can buy hosting resources from a well established hosting provider and sell those to 3rd parties as if you are owning and operating those resources. Hence, you can start your very own web hosting business without having the need to invest a large sum of money in the infrastructure that is required to set up a hosting company. The only investment that you require is what you would be paying to your reseller hosting provider.

Reseller hosting plans come with a wide variety of options and features to make it easy for individuals and small companies to brand and set up their own hosting services. For example, all hosting providers offer customer billing systems and account management systems with reseller hosting plans, making it easy to bill 3rd party clients. Not only this, hosting provider offer private nameservers to reseller hosting provider, so that these could be used to brand the services being offered by a reseller.

Apart from this, several other important features are offered with reseller hosting accounts which make it possible to run a full fledged hosting business. These include features such as dedicated IP addresses, private name servers, unlimited control panels, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, client management software, billing system , support system, additional SSL certificates, etc.

The advantage of using a reseller plan to start your web hosting business is that your investment is minimal, as you only need to pay your hosting expenses. The server maintenance and upkeep of the network infrastructure is handled by your hosting provider; hence you have ample time to concentrate on providing a better service to your clients rather than preoccupying yourself with hardware or software issues. Not only this, since all backend work is automatically done by your hosting provider, you have enough time and resources to focus your efforts on marketing your business and building a brand name in the market.

Thus, it is wise to say that a reseller hosting plan can be a great option for those wishing to start their own web hosting business but do not have the capital or the resources to set up their own full scale hosting platform.

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