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As an idea, CoolHandle makes it very easy to set up online businesses for reseller hosting customers. This means you could build up simple e-Commerce sites with the many compatible shopping carts and charge premium monthly prices!

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Achieving success in your own company can be as close as signing up for a web hosting reseller account with CoolHandle. This account allows you to design you own service packages, establish pricing and sell these packages to clients wanting to create their own websites. Backed up by the support network of CoolHandle, you will have the freedom of your own company with the security of a respected brand behind you.


CoolHandle designed their reseller accounts with your success and ease in mind. Their features make establishing a building a fulfilling self-branded company fast and simple.

Host unlimited domains. Domains, sub domains and parked domains allowed on your account are all unlimited. Parked domains are important because they allow clients to purchase domains that they hope to develop in the future and “park” them with your service. This prevents these domains from being purchased by other people and is fantastic for small businesses or organizations that intend to grow in the future.

Market to customers who speak different languages. Multiple languages are available, making your services accessible to a wide audience.

Create & sell pre-made websites. A website builder allows even the most inexperienced of beginners the ability to design and create polished, impressive-looking websites. This is available to you to design your own branded reselling site, as well as being available to your clients so that they can create their sites beautifully and with the highest level of functionality.

Monitor site statistics. Access to website statistics allows you to monitor traffic flow and usage patterns so that you can optimize release of information or make adjustments to widen your scope and impact.

Contact your customers with ease. Email features make communication thorough and streamlined. These include SPAM assassin to protect your account and your clients.

Allow your customers to start their own online store. Your websites are e-Commerce ready, featuring shopping carts and the ability to accept PayPal payments.

Site security. Consistent monitoring ensures the security and integrity of your site as well as the security of your customers’ information.


CoolHandle offers three simple to understand plan options from which to choose. Resell 1 provides 35GB of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth for $19.95 per month. Resell 2 offers 50GB of disk space and 400GB of bandwidth for $29.95 per month. Resell 3 provides 200GB and 1,000GB of bandwidth for $49.95 per month. This largest of reseller plans also includes a free dedicated IP, a feature that is offered at an additional cost with the other plans.


CoolHandle’s reseller plans allow you to choose the option that is most appropriate for you. Offering an amazing value for your money, reselling accounts give you the unique opportunity to create you own, privately branded, entirely self-directed company but with the powerful support of a well-respected established name in the web hosting industry. This takes away a lot of the hassle and concern that is often associated with starting your own business.

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