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Eleven2 offers an array of reseller hosting packages; all include a 60-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, instant set-up, and unlimited resold accounts.

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Eleven2, established in 2003, offers a collection of server and hosting bundles for people who are seeking various hosting services. This review is intended to cover their reseller hosting packages specifically.

Eleven2’s various reseller hosting services give online businesses (or individuals) the opportunity to resell a hosting service allowing your clients to create websites, email accounts and domain names through your website. This comprehensive package includes many aspects and benefits that provide you the tools to create and control your client’s choice of hosting attributes in regards to storage, shopping cart functionality, blogging software, and all of that good stuff. For you this means residual income potential.


Features for You. The features you receive when you choose an Eleven2 reseller hosting package include 24/7 customer support with extensive knowledge databases, video tutorials, live chat, user forums and telephone support. Eleven2 also offers a 99.9% up-time guarantee, instant set-up, a 60-day money back guarantee, unlimited resold accounts, free account migration that lets you transfer up to 20 accounts for free, cPanel and WHM, and an E2 iPhone application that allows you to manage your hosting accounts on the go (providing you have an iPhone).

Hosting Features. Free domain and SSL reseller account, free dedicated IP address with the purchase of an SSL certificate, free WHMCS billing software and an online site builder.

Cloudfare Features. Supercharge the websites you offer with optimized connections for faster loading, free CDN hosting, free site security by way of email harvesting, hotlink protection, community threat identification, and even free firewall software.

Email & FTP. Eleven2’s clients receive free and unlimited email accounts, FTP and SFTP support, IMAP/POP/SMTP support, auto-responders, mailing lists and spam assassins.

Datacenter Features. Dual quad core CPU, multiple world-wide locations, redundant network and power, free daily back-ups and multiple gigabyte uplinks.

Software Features. PHP, MYSQL, Ruby on Rails and PERL or you can contact Eleven2 for any other programming language, Softaculous built in with e2panel, RV and Parallels site-builders and RV skin are just a few of the software features include with their reseller hosting.

Add-on Features. The hosting add-ons available are: a free merchant account that allows you to accept credit cards right away, a dedicated IP address for use if you already own a SSL certificate. If you don’t own one, you have the choice of an instant SSL certificate with a dedicated IP address for basic encryption or, if you’d prefer, an EV SSL certificate and dedicated IP address for full encryption.


The dedicated IP address add-on should be used if you already own a SSL certificate and is $4 per month. The basic encryption SSL certificate will cost $69.99 per year and includes the free dedicated IP address. The Extended Validations Certificate for full encryption will cost $499.99 per year and also includes the free dedicated IP address. If starting off small, the basic one will work fine – but one regardless is recommended as to protect yourself as well as your customers.

The following chart is a list of the Eleven2’s reseller hosting packages and their price per term:

R-100                   R-200                   R-300                   R-400

100GB Storage   200GB Storage   300GB Storage   500GB Storage

1000 GD BW/Mo 2000 GB BW/Mo 3000 GB BW/Mo 4000 GB BW/Mo

$14.96/Month    $26.21/Month    $37.46/Month    $59.96/Month

$161.60/Yr          $283.10/Yr          $404.60/Yr          $647.60/Yr

$287.28/2-Yrs    $503.28/2-Yrs    $719.28/2-Yrs    $1151.28/2-Yrs

$377.06/3-Yrs    $660.56/3-Yrs    $944.06/3-Yrs    $1511.06/3-Yrs

*Note: The monthly prices listed are at a 25% for the first term month.


The majority of hosting companies employ a fairly small number of people and are somewhat new in regards to how long they’ve been in business. Because of this, there may be a lag in regards to receiving a response to customer support inquieries of around 24-48 hours. Eleven2 is no exception as some of their customers have come to realize. Can a response come back immediately? Yes – however it most likely won’t occur with every question you have.


Eleven2 provides the numerous features listed above plus many more. Considering the package’s prices and benefits received from them, Eleven2’s reseller hosting could be the beginning of your very own successful web hosting business.

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