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HostGator is my personal host and I love them. They transfer up to 30 websites for you free of charge and provide over 4,500 website templates to all reseller customers. Having some of the best reliability in the industry and a 45-day money back guarantee with no contract, you have nothing to lose!
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With the economy hovering on recession and unemployment levels reaching frightening lows, millions of people are looking for a new way to supplement their income, or even create a new one. If you have been considering starting a business or trying to find ways to make money online, becoming a reseller for HostGator could be the solution. Working on your own time you could generate a substantial income by selling web hosting services to people wanting to start websites. When new customers purchase a web hosting plan from you, you keep the proceeds. This creates an ideal situation in which you make money following the schedule that works for you while providing your customers high quality web hosting services backed by HostGator’s legendary tech support and assistance network.


Starting your own business, even one that is linked to another, can be an exciting time, but it also requires careful examination of features to ensure you are making the best decision for your life. The simple sign up process takes only a few minutes and when it is complete, you will be ready to start selling.

Host unlimited websites. Each of HostGator’s five reseller plans allows for unlimited websites to be built under your reseller brand name, meaning you have no limit to your success but your effort and determination.

Web Host Manager. The cPanel associated with the reseller program allows you to manage your company, providing control panels to customers who wish to build and maintain their own websites.

Create a brand. You will be able to create a company logo and brand all elements of your business operations. This means that when your customers utilize their control panels and other features they will see your logo.

Packages how you like them. Have the ability to create web hosting packages as you see fit. Cheaper, more expensive, bundles, whatever it may be to obtain customers and your target market. You can specify bandwidth, email addresses and other features, just like HostGator does.

Environmentally friendly. Green initiatives including the purchase of environmental credits makes HostGator a company you want to work with, and makes you the same for other customers.

Work when you want to work. Each plan offers exponentially bigger memory and capabilities so you can cater your web hosting company to your aspirations, whether they be devoting just a few hours a week to earning a little extra money or creating this into a full-time career to replace a lost or reduced income or give greater freedom and flexibility.


HostGator’s reseller packages come in five levels: Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each offers different specifications regarding disk space and bandwidth. The Aluminum plan has the smallest qualifications, offering 50GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth. Pricing for this plan begins at $24.95. The Copper plan increases the disk space and bandwidth to 80GB and 750GB respectively. Pricing begins at $34.95. The Silver plan increases both again to 120GB and 1000GB, with a starting price of $49.95. The Gold plan offers 160GB and 1200 GB of disk space and bandwidth, with a starting price of $74.95. With a starting price of $99.95, the Diamond plan is the largest plan, with 200GB of the disk space and 1400GB of bandwidth. These prices are the lowest per-month option available, which corresponds to the 3-year billing schedule. They do not reflect the current promotion of offering 20% off of the first invoice of a new user, which could equate to enormous savings.


Starting your own company can be a freeing, highly lucrative endeavor. By setting your own hours, answering only to yourself and growing at a the pace you are comfortable with, working will be more fulfilling and enjoyable. Becoming a web hosting reseller through HostGator you will have a reliable, respected product to sell and the support of an extensive customer service network to provide answers to questions and assistance should you or any of your customers encounter problems along the way. The variety of plans offered allows you to begin your company at the level you are comfortable with and grow with your customer base. This is an ideal side venture for earning extra money or even a full-time occupation.

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