Starting Your Own Web Hosting Business

The web hosting business is one that is going to be on the growth train for a long time to come. With new websites being created on a daily basis, there is always going to be a need for web hosting services. With companies offering cheap reseller plans, it has become such an easy task for the regular Joe to start a web hosting business of their own. Even though there is a ton of competition in the industry, you can still manage to make a decent income from your own web hosting business. If you have no experience in managing a web hosting business, you will surely need to either hire staff or learn the basics.

To begin, you will need to think about whether you want to serve customers from a dedicated server of your own or a reseller plan from another company. In many cases, it is best to start off small and work your way up, by starting with a reseller hosting plan. The cost of an average reseller hosting plan is about five times cheaper than a dedicated server. For your initial business setup, you want to minimize your equipment costs so that you have enough for advertising and marketing. In terms of the web hosting business, advertising and promotion will be a huge part of your business plan.

Once you have your reseller plan, you need to purchase a domain name that reflects your business name. The domain should be one with a top level domain extension, rather than a subdomain or country code of some sort. When purchasing a reseller hosting plan, begin with the smallest plan that includes a private name server. The private name server would allow you to mask the real name server with your domain. This is to ensure that your customers don’t know you are working under a reseller.

Once the accounts have been setup, you need to focus on your website. The website design should be very professional and extremely user friendly. Hiring a designer for a job like this would be the best solution. There are automated account creation systems you can implement into the design of your site, which would help automate the complete buying process for your customers. Make sure you outline all your hosting services with features and prices. Include terms and conditions, guidelines and money back guarantee information on your site as well.

A large part of web hosting relies in the customer support, so make sure to think about how you are going to provide support. Are you going to have your clients deal directly with your supplier or are they going to deal with you? Client support should be provided by live chat, email or by phone. If you are just starting off, you can start with email and live chat. With Internet capabilities available on all smart phone devices, you could easily link it to your phone.

Getting your business into the real world will be the toughest part. As your business is on the Internet, it is able to reach the global market through advertising. However, with all the huge companies in the market, it can become very hard to win the business of webmasters. In 2012, many companies are going local with their web hosting businesses and they are targeting businesses in their area. If you live in an urbanized city, focus on reaching out to webmasters and businesses in your area. People would prefer dealing with someone who they have met, rather than some company on the Internet with no personal value.

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